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Re: netboot 0.9.3 intel pro/100 (# 80) fails..

Hello, (Michael Stein) wrote:
> This driver hasn't changed since at least netboot 0.8.1.   And
> the packet driver ( has exactly the same md5sum
> in both netboot 0.8.1 and 0.9.3.

The packet drivers in the netboot package are taken from the
Crynwr packet driver collection, which is the only source of
freely copyable drivers. Usually, the manufacturer of the network
card provides it's own packet driver (you might take a look at for your card), but I'm not allowed to
put those into the netboot package. The Crynwr packet driver
collection has not been changed for years now. It is considered
to be stable.

> How is netboot debugged?  Is there some sort of debugger?

Previously, I have set up some sort of debugging environment using
AFD (Advanced Fullscreen Debugger - at least 10 years old) under plain
DOS 6.0. However, I'm presently trying to get netboot running under
BOCHS, which is a full IA-32 emulator which runs on any Unix operating
system. Unfortunately, the network interface code in BOCHS is not very
stable yet. BOCHS includes a very primitive command-line-oriented
debugger. You can find details about BOCHS at Sourceforge.

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