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Re: netboot 0.9.3 intel pro/100 (# 80) fails..

Michael Stein wrote:">
There is a work arround, by comment a few lines at "setup.s" file. It 
works, more or less. You can find it at mailing list.

Netboot doesn't have a "setup.s" file. There's a "setup.c" is
that what you mean? I looked at the diff between 0.8.1 and 0.9.3
for setup.c but don't see anything which looks obvious to me
as causing the problem.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.

/......./netboot/bootrom/netdrvr/pktdrvr/packet.S  (not setup.S).


setmd5: mov     ah,#SET_RCV_MODE
        mov     cx,#MODE_DIRECTED
        call    callpkt
        jnc     setmd9
        cmp     dh,#ERR_BAD_COMMAND
        je      setmd9


setmd5: mov     ah,#SET_RCV_MODE
               mov     cx,#MODE_DIRECTED

(be carefull with that)

Just recompile (you must ./configure with "bootrom" recompile option, and, for me, disable optimize), and re"make". Then, make your own boot-floppy, and try it. Anyway, there is more than and issue on that.

I am sorry but I have not more time today.">

Anyway, I got back to 0.8.1. version, and it works.

Oh. I seem to remember some fix which was only in 0.9.3 about netboot
sometimes not working (race condition). I'd rather run 0.9.3.
Remember. The only thing that you need is to boot from your netcard. So, if the pkt driver is absolutely the same for both versions, and your are able to boot from floppy or eeprom (or even part or flash bios, that is my case), I really do not mind which version I use.">

Regards, and sorry for my english.

Your english is fine, I just can't find a "setup.s" in the netboot source.

Perhaps I'll try comparing the bootrom source between 0.8.1 and 0.9.3.

PS: I did find a thread on the mailing list about booting Intel
cards from rom. I'm booting off of floppy, not rom so that doesn't
For my it is the same situation.">

Michael Stein wrote:

I'm trying to upgrade netboot versions but I'm finding that 0.9.3 doesn't
get to the point of sending any packets on Intel Ethernet pro 100 cards.
I've tried more than two different machines (even different motherboards)
and they all stop after the message:

Found packet driver at int 62, irq 0a

Nothing happens after this.

The previous version of netboot 0.8.1 will say it's sending out
packets after this. What's interesting is that the
in both version has exactly the same md5 checksum.

Is this a known problem?

Any ideas?

I'd like to switch to 0.9.3 and use the PXE support...
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