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Re: netboot 0.9.3 intel pro/100 (# 80) fails..

Hello, (Michael Stein) wrote:
> That "Disk full or allocation exceeded" error sent by the netboot
> machine is strange.  It's right after netboot has ACK'ed TFTP block 2.
> (Or is this normal that netboot ACK's the block and then finds out it
> doesn't have any place to put it?).

More or less, this is normal: netboot reads the packet, and if it reads
correctly, it sends an ACK. Then it gives the packet to the boot image
loader, which in turn checks if the loading address for the packet is
correct. If not, it terminates the TFTP connection. All other bootroms
I have seen so far just shut down their network driver at this point,
leaving the sender sending until it times out. netboot at least gives
the sender a hint of closing by sending this "disk full" error packet.
This appears after the packet has already been ACK'ed.

I just don't understand why netboot thinks the TFTP connection should
get closed. Does the bootrom print something onto the console, some sort
of error message (in the form PXE-xx where xx is the hexadecimal error
code)? Could you try to use a boot image which has been created with
one of the mknbi programs, just for testing?

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