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Re: 309x: Unable to load file

Michael Agbaglo wrote:
> On the client:
> ...
> Searching for server (DHCP) ...
> Me:, Server, Relay:, Gateway:
> Loading /export/boot/banana ... Unable to load file.
> Unable to load file.
> Unable to load file.

Odd.  I cannot think of a reason the loading might fail without an error
message.  If you want to track down the bug, you can put a few debugging
messages around the "return" statements in main.c (functions tftp() and
tftpkernel() are the major suspects).

>  .
>  .
>  .
> No error messages on the server. tftpd reports success.
> snoop died (segmentation fault), tcpdump's dump is > 2MB, I didn't see
> anything unusual. I can mail it to you, I don't think it makes sense to
> send it to the mailing list.

Only the last dozen lines of the kernel download and maybe the first few
of the next try are interesting.  But probably the list isn't overly interested
in packet traces.  Send it to me, it might help shed some light on the problem.

> I exchanged tftpd and inetd. Sometimes I got an error message from tftp
> (invoked manually...): sendto: Connection refused.
> Sometimes tftpd doesn't terminate. I couldn't figure out why...

It should terminate after a few minutes - it's an optimisation to avoid
starting up a process for every tftp download.  Keeping the old one around
for a while is much cheaper.  At least that's what good tftpd implementations
do.  I don't think it's an tftpd issue.  If it is, then there is a bug in
etherboot, too, because server bugs should at least give an error message on
the client side (if possible).

BTW: etherboot 4.6.x seems to compile well (no warnings, no error messages) with
egcs-1.1.2 (the oldest gcc version I have at hand), just the as86 shipped with
the Linux distros I have doesn't work.  This is no problem as long as you don't
change the Makefile (setting AS86=as86). And if you do you'll get a strange error

Well, to see if we're hunting an already fixed bug I'll send you a more recent
Etherboot ROM image by private mail (it's a modified 4.6.0 that I need to merge
into the current version sometime soon).  You decide if you trust me enough to
boot stuff on your machines :)  I hope that the setup I used works for you.
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