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Re: 309x: Unable to load file

Michael Agbaglo wrote:
> When I boot the floppy I get
> Loading ROM image.
> 1000
> AX:0211
> BX:0000
> CX:0000
> DX:0000.

This indicates that the floppy disk used is having read errors.  It seems
to be able to read the sectors eventually, but it needs several tries.  Use
a different floppy.  If that doesn't help, you need a new floppy drive.

> the block w/ the numbers is repeated sometimes more sometimes less. When
> it succeeds more points in the DX: line are displayed.
> Then the driver installs and displays a copyright notice.
> The driver has no problem to talk to the DHCP server. But it's not able
> to load the kernel.

Any reasonable error message here?  Any log entry on the server?  A last
try would be to use a packet sniffer...

> tftp works on the OS server (locally) and on machines which are on the
> same segment.
> I'm using
> ASUS P55T2P4
> 3COM 905-TX (bootrom socket empty)
> Etherboot 4.2.13 - I can't use 4.6.2 because my C compiler is too old. I
> compiled the 4.6.2 at a friends machine but no .rom file was
> generated...

What error messages were printed?  It should compile with fairly old tools,
but this is rarely tested...
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