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Re: 309x: Unable to load file

>Michael Agbaglo wrote:
>> On the client:
>> Searching for server (DHCP) ...
>> Me:, Server, Relay:, Gateway:
>> Loading /export/boot/banana ... Unable to load file.
>> Unable to load file.
>> Unable to load file.

/export/boot/banana sounds like a very curious pathname.  Are you getting 
any messages in your /var/log/messages log file from tftpd? (try 
increasing the log level if you need more detail)  I would somehow expect 
the filename to be something like vmlinuz.  Check to see if the file has 
been processed with mknbi.  This is just a quick, obvious observation, 

First rule of debugging:  Make the computer describe to you what's wrong 
with it.



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