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Please Help: Root-NFS: No NFS Server

Hello List,

Background details: S=RH 6.1 - kernel 2.2-13smp. DC's kernel compiled on similar
machine. S(NFS)=knfsd-1.4.7-7, knfsd-clients-1.4.7-7. DC nic = smc 1211

No matter what, everytime my DC boots -> loads nic driver -> gets kernel via tftp
-> loads kernel -> and then hangs at Root-NFS: No server available.

We have about 12 other linux machines on this network, and I can mount
/tftpboot/ from many others. /etc/exports reads as:

/tftpboot/,no_root_squash) (DC)

And yes, I'm positive that the DC kernel which gets xferd over via tftp was
compiled with the root-nfs, auto-configure, bootp, etc.. and all the other options
which are necessary.

The documentation says that in 2.2 kernels the default is /tftpboot/<domain>, so my
tftpboot contains the root file system under the dir /tftpboot/

I have even tried the mknbi -x -k zImage -o vmlinuz -d /tftpboot/ -i  -> same result No NFS server available.

Some more info: I did compile the DC's kernel on a system which is SMP, although
the DC is not. Problem? (it wouldn't compile unless I selected smp). The machine
does have a hd which is detected when the DC's kernel loads. Problem? (however it
is disabled in the BIOS).

I'd really appreciate help with this, and if someone could stay with me through the
configuration, and continue to act as a consultant, we'd be happy to pay well. We
intend our DC's to be nodes on a fairly large JVM cluster. - Thanks Eric

P.S. Where does NFS log things on the server side? I've been everywhere, and can't
find it.

P.S.S Why occasionally upon booting do I get AX, CX, DX, repeatedly and repeatedly
until eventually (although not always) something catches and the tftp get the
kernel and loads it?

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