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Re: Please Help: Root-NFS: No NFS Server

Eric Dahnke wrote:
> P.S. Where does NFS log things on the server side? I've been everywhere, and can't
> find it.

I'd use a packet sniffer (my favorite is ethereal) to see what's sent to/from the
server.  Maybe it doesn't get anything.  I never got any helpful error log out of
a Linux nfsd (be it knfsd or unfsd).

> P.S.S Why occasionally upon booting do I get AX, CX, DX, repeatedly and repeatedly
> until eventually (although not always) something catches and the tftp get the
> kernel and loads it?

This *looks* like a broken floppy used to load the network boot system.
But as your bug report doesn't contain anything about the network boot system
itself, this is just a guess (as I'd guess you're using some version of etherboot
off a floppy, but this is just another stab in the dark - probably irrelevant, but
maybe not).

Ken/Markus: maybe the Etherboot web page and/or the mailing list introduction
should be updated to tell folks to ALWAYS state the network boot package they
use - it gets annoying to ask over and over again.
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