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Re: Addition to etherboot readme

Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

> Dirk von Suchodoletz wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >         I got some questions about the mainboard bios stuff. How to use
> > cbrom an store etherboot in the flash of the board ...
> > I wrote some explanation which could be added to the readme
> > (README.TXT in doc) file, section 6. I added it as attachement.
> >
> > So long,
> >            Dirk
> >
> >   A hint where to obtain cbrom.exe would be helpful!

Long story.

Some  more remarks  for cbrom..
There are several version numbers of cbrom.exe  p.e. 1.x  and 2.x.  and there
is a cbrom called
First cbrom.exe with Version 1.x  (newest 1.32)  is for Award Bios Version
4.5x   and cbrom6.exe is for Award Bios Version 6.xx..

 So because it seems a lot people become confused  and use cbrom 1.x  for the
new 6.x  Bios Award merged this
together  to a cbrom.exe   with Version number 2.x ( newest know 2.04) witch
now runs on
Award 4.5x and 6.xx Bioses.

Now how to find cbrom.exe.  Different  1.x Versions  of cbrom.exe  could be
found  on the net,
cbrom6.exe  seems to be gone.
It seems that Award/Phoenix do all that cbrom is deleted from servers of board
So cbrom.exe Vers 2.04  is not  available on the net.  If  somebody need this
please try to
send a demand question to the list - I hope somebody will mail it to you.

Phoemix is very unfriendly at this point and do not cooperate if you don't have
the luck to
contact some guy from the developement.

So long

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