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Re: TFTP: out of memory + mknbi-linux

Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> loaded kernel and Etherboot, or they are loaded above 
> 1Meg, and you may put
> Etherboot just about everywhere.

How do I put a kernel beyond 1Meg??  Will it work with mknbi-linux,

> But what special stuff do you need that requires a 
> non-standard relocation

I'm using an M-Systems' DiskOnChip 2000 flash, which puts something in
the EBDA, which means that it occupies the area of around 0x9000 (I
don't remember or know the exact location).

> Changing the RELOCADDR of the Linux-nbi loader code is 
> probably a bad idea.  Anyway, it occupies the space from 
> 0x90000-0x93600, which is not
> very critical wrt. to Etherboot.  

This is exactly the area of the EBDA.  Why is changing the RELOCADDR of
linux-nbi not a good idea?  Is it easy?

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