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TFTP: out of memory + mknbi-linux

First of all, the problem compiling 4.5.5 was indeed with the gas

I now compiled 4.5.5, and found that there is a problem in the
makefile:  there is a line missing telling to compile floppyload.bin if
AS86 is defined.  That should be added, I think.

I know have two problems:

The lesser one is that if I change RELOCADDR, then I have less space for
the tftp download of the kernel.  I was wondering if there is a way to
figure out exactly how much space I have.  

Eventually, I was able to create a kernel small enough (around 400K,
after mknbi-linux, but not more!), but the problem is that mknbi-linux
is not aware of RELOCADDR.  So now I have to change that so that it will
be the same thing. Can anybody give me pointers about how to change it?

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