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486 floppyboot & NI6510 followup2

commenting out:
and floppyload worked on my 486 without COM ports

I tried floppyloading the 2 latest releases on some NICs:
In 4.4.5 I didn't change anything in the config, in 4.5.6 only the com-port
line was commented

4.4.5: Probing returns the proper IO address, but DMA probing isn't ok.
It always returns DMA5 , irrespective of the NIC setting
Card doesn't function. Err msg: Lance timeout on transmit
Also no DHCP requests detected on sniffer.
4.5.6 Probing does NOT detect a card

NE2000 ISA
both 4.4.5 and 4.5.6 fully functional

both 4.4.5 and 4.5.6 fully functional

Winbond W89C940  (PCI-NE2000)
4.4.5 PC hangs on probing
4.5.6 fully functional.

willing to do more 6510 testing....

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