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Re: TFTP: out of memory + mknbi-linux

Dvir Oren wrote:
> First of all, the problem compiling 4.5.5 was indeed with the gas
> version.
> I now compiled 4.5.5, and found that there is a problem in the
> makefile:  there is a line missing telling to compile floppyload.bin if
> AS86 is defined.  That should be added, I think.

Already done. 4.5.6 is available for download since 2000-03-24, probably a few
split-seconds after you downloaded 4.5.5.

> I know have two problems:
> The lesser one is that if I change RELOCADDR, then I have less space for
> the tftp download of the kernel.  I was wondering if there is a way to
> figure out exactly how much space I have.

That's easy: you may use all space from 0x10000-RELOCADDR, and anything
beyond 1Meg.  Generally Linux kernels are either less than 512K (compressed)
which means that it fits below 0x90000, so there is 32K gap between the
loaded kernel and Etherboot, or they are loaded above 1Meg, and you may put
Etherboot just about everywhere.

But what special stuff do you need that requires a non-standard relocation
address.  My Etherboot config includes just about everything, and it fits
just nicely at the standard address.

> Eventually, I was able to create a kernel small enough (around 400K,
> after mknbi-linux, but not more!), but the problem is that mknbi-linux
> is not aware of RELOCADDR.  So now I have to change that so that it will
> be the same thing. Can anybody give me pointers about how to change it?

Changing the RELOCADDR of the Linux-nbi loader code is probably a bad
idea.  Anyway, it occupies the space from 0x90000-0x93600, which is not
very critical wrt. to Etherboot.  It seems like you try to do something
_very_ odd.  Maybe a few lines on what you actually want to do (doesn't
look like "load some random Linux 2.2.x kernel") might help us to understand
what the problem really is.
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