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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

Gerald Abshez writes:
| On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, David Gilbert wrote:
| > >>>>> "Marty" == Marty Connor <> writes:
| > 
| > Marty> On 12/30/1999 8:45 PM David Gilbert wrote:
| > >>
| > >> is the whole URL ... in there are things like eepro.rom
| > 
| > ... OK... getting more success, but I'm still loosing on the tftp
| > (eepro and 3c905 are both at least being recognised).  Tried a
| > reformat of the floppy to get this far, but I then get:
| > 
| > (these are the last few lines)
| > 
| > Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1... <sleep>  
| Well, it looks like I joined the list at just about the right time. :-)
| I've got a kernel that I've used to netboot FreeBSD with off of 3c509
| cards. After many struggles (thanks Ken) I managed to get a boot image
| built and get a floppy going. Using the before mentioned kernel, I see
| it pulled down and begin booting... and then it panics when it tries
| to mount root.

Make sure you have the stuff in your kernel to support netbooting for
example from LINT
  options         BOOTP           # Use BOOTP to obtain IP address/hostname
  options         BOOTP_NFSROOT   # NFS mount root filesystem using BOOTP info
  options         BOOTP_NFSV3     # Use NFS v3 to NFS mount root
  options         BOOTP_COMPAT    # Workaround for broken bootp daemons.
Also you need NFS compiled in:
  options         NFS                     #Network Filesystem
  options         NFS_ROOT                #Network Filesystem
And of course your ethernet adapter.

Then make sure you are passing the options for the rootfs & swapfs when using
ISC's DHCPD I set:
           filename "/tftpboot/kernel";
           option root-path "";
           option option-128 "";
Also option-132 is used to pass "boothowto" flags:
           option option-132 00:00:00:40;  # GDB

You will need a file in the directory pointed to option-128 as
for example

You should see messages like this during a boot:

  bootpc_init: using network interface 'fxp0'
  Bootpc testing starting
  bootpc hw address is 0:a0:c9:c7:e1:69
  My ip address is
  Server ip address is
  Gateway ip address is
  Subnet mask is
  rootfs is
  Ignoring field type 28
  swapfs is
  Ignoring field type 160
  Ignoring field type 176
  Ignoring field type 192
  Ignoring field type 193
  Ignoring field type 194
  Ignoring field type 195
  Truncated fieldmd_lookup_swap: Swap size is 128 KB
  Mounting root from nfs:

| I'm using a 3c905 card to elicit this much out of the setup. Just as a
| side note, I _couldn't_ get the 3c905c to do the same thing. It claims
| it is "unable to find 3c90x". (I don't think this is your issue, as you
| say that you do see ethernet packets).

Hmm, I thought I was using a 905c ... I hate 3Com and try to avoid
it when possible.  They keep changing things.

BTW just for clarity for Linux folks, Etherboot can directly load 
FreeBSD a.out & ELF kernels so we don't need mknbi on our kernels.

Doug A.
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