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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

>I've got a kernel that I've used to netboot FreeBSD with off of 3c509
>cards. After many struggles (thanks Ken) I managed to get a boot image
>built and get a floppy going. Using the before mentioned kernel, I see
>it pulled down and begin booting... and then it panics when it tries
>to mount root.

Ah well if it manages to start the kernel it's no longer an Etherboot
issue. Etherboot has done its job and handed execution to the kernel.
At this point you need to review what FreeBSD wants to be able to run.

>I'm using a 3c905 card to elicit this much out of the setup. Just as a
>side note, I _couldn't_ get the 3c905c to do the same thing. It claims
>it is "unable to find 3c90x". (I don't think this is your issue, as you
>say that you do see ethernet packets).

That's a pity. I was hoping the 90x driver would support the C revision
NIC as well, but nobody has tested it till now.
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