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Linux and 3Com905B-TX-M

Hello to the list,

I followed the list for the last few days and I think this is the right place for my problem.
I am just installing a Linux-cluster with 8 diskless knots. I have started with a 3Com905B-TX which works just fine together with Etherboot. But now this card is not longer available and Etherboot can not deal with the 905B-TX-M which seem to be a 905C. This type has a fixed Bootrom on the card.
My momentary solution is to boot the kernel from a floppy with the help of loadlin. This is Ok so far but not very smart.
Maybe there is anybody in this list with a solution or suggestion how to overcome this thing.

Best regards
Martin Klingler
Ingenieurbüro Martin Klingler
Kaplanstrasse 2
A-6063 Rum/Innsbruck
Tel ++43-512-206057
Fax ++43-512-206047

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