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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Abshez <> writes:

Gerald> On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, David Gilbert wrote:

Gerald> I've got a kernel that I've used to netboot FreeBSD with off
Gerald> of 3c509 cards. After many struggles (thanks Ken) I managed to
Gerald> get a boot image built and get a floppy going. Using the
Gerald> before mentioned kernel, I see it pulled down and begin
Gerald> booting... and then it panics when it tries to mount root.

Gerald> I'm using a 3c905 card to elicit this much out of the
Gerald> setup. Just as a side note, I _couldn't_ get the 3c905c to do
Gerald> the same thing. It claims it is "unable to find 3c90x". (I
Gerald> don't think this is your issue, as you say that you do see
Gerald> ethernet packets).

Gerald> You could try throwing on the logging from tftpd ( -l in
Gerald> inetd.conf ) to get more info out of the server.

I would like to get a copy of your floppy.  Right now, I've been using 
FreeBSD-3.4-STABLE and FreeBSD-4.0-CURRENT floppies with the kernel on 
them after the frustration of trying to get the more elegant etherboot 
solution to work.

man netboot has this advice:


... if you're using isc-dhcpd, you'll be saying optinon-130 =
"/export/root1"; or somesuch.


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