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Re: via-rhine

jyllyj wrote:
> i use Etherboot 4.2.10 and DFE-530TX (dl10030 chip) don't works for me
> i modify "pci.h" about PCI signature 10EC 8139 to 1106 3043.but no luckly
> it look for membase 10fa like his:
>     Probing ...[RTL8139]RTL8139 driver for Etherboot-4.2 ERROR:
>         no probeaddrs given,using pci_device
>     rtl8139: probing EE9A (membase would be 10FA)
>     rtl8139: probing ED33 (membase would be 1119)
>     .....
>     No adapter found <sleep>
> why?
> has some one any sucessful experience for DFE-530TX(dl10030 PCI signature 1106 3043)?
I don't use etherboot, but I use original packed driver from
D-link and together with netboot package I made 
boot ROM.



Daniel Smolik
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