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Re: via-rhine

On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 06:53:02PM -0500, Marty Connor wrote:
> Does anyone know what the DL10030 chip really is?  I saw a stack of 
> DFE530TX boards sitting in a computer store the other day. I might pick 
> one up and hack it.
  The DL10030 is a Via-Rhine as much as the DL10038 is an rtl8139. I've been
using an DL10030(DFE530TX) in a server in Linux for a while. At the moment
that server is using a Macronix 98715(Tulip wannabe) and I have the Rhine to
develop an Etherboot driver. 
  Please do pick one up, I can use a guinipig. :) I think I've got my Rhine
driver about half way from testing. Maybe four hours of work until I can
post it.

  On another note, to whoever is maintaining the rtl8139 driver, why do you
use four transmit descriptors by default? That takes up lots of the 32k of
ram we have to work with. 
  - Nick Lopez
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