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Re: via-rhine

On 12/17/1999 5:25 AM jyllyj wrote:
>i use netboot 0.8.1
>i does't find anything about Dlink 530TX.

I can't speak for netboot 0.8.1, but Etherboot 4.2.12 works for me. 
I recently purchased a D-Link 530TX+ card to test with Etherboot.  Its 
PCI signature is 10EC 8139, which suggests that it uses an RTL8139A 
single-chip PCI ethernet controller.

What may be confusing you is that the main chip is labeled DL10038 
instead of RTL8139A like on some other PCI ethernet clones (see below). 
The floppy disk inside the D-Link box claims to have packet drivers, so I 
suspect you could use netboot with it.

I just made an RTL8139 Etherboot floppy and it worked. (the kernel it 
loaded didn't have the RTL8139 driver in it, so that's as far as it got, 
but the important thing is that Etherbooting (BOOTP/TFTP) worked.)

I also bought cheap PCI cards from Allied Telesyn and AddTron and they 
turned out to be based on the RTL8139A as well.  The SMC people are more 
interesting. Their PCI signature is 1113 1211, but (yes, you guessed it!) 
it's an RTL8139 clone as well. ("A subtle pattern begins to appear..." 
;-)  I was actually looking for cheap PCI Tulip based cards.  C'est la 

Anyway, I plan to add these cards to the Thinguin database next free 
moment I get. 

I hope this helps you.


P.S. Happy Holidays to all!

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