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Re: via-rhine

i use Etherboot 4.2.10 and DFE-530TX (dl10030 chip) don't works for me
i modify "pci.h" about PCI signature 10EC 8139 to 1106 3043.but no luckly
it look for membase 10fa like his:
    Probing ...[RTL8139]RTL8139 driver for Etherboot-4.2 ERROR:
        no probeaddrs given,using pci_device
    rtl8139: probing EE9A (membase would be 10FA)
    rtl8139: probing ED33 (membase would be 1119)
    No adapter found <sleep>
has some one any sucessful experience for DFE-530TX(dl10030 PCI signature 1106 3043)?
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> On 12/17/1999 5:25 AM jyllyj wrote:
> >i use netboot 0.8.1
> >i does't find anything about Dlink 530TX.
> I can't speak for netboot 0.8.1, but Etherboot 4.2.12 works for me. 
> I recently purchased a D-Link 530TX+ card to test with Etherboot.  Its 
> , which suggests that it uses an RTL8139A 
> single-chip PCI ethernet controller.
> What may be confusing you is that the main chip is labeled DL10038 
> instead of RTL8139A like on some other PCI ethernet clones (see below). 
> The floppy disk inside the D-Link box claims to have packet drivers, so I 
> suspect you could use netboot with it.
> I just made an RTL8139 Etherboot floppy and it worked. (the kernel it 
> loaded didn't have the RTL8139 driver in it, so that's as far as it got, 
> but the important thing is that Etherbooting (BOOTP/TFTP) worked.)
> I also bought cheap PCI cards from Allied Telesyn and AddTron and they 
> turned out to be based on the RTL8139A as well.  The SMC people are more 
> interesting. Their PCI signature is 1113 1211, but (yes, you guessed it!) 
> it's an RTL8139 clone as well. ("A subtle pattern begins to appear..." 
> ;-)  I was actually looking for cheap PCI Tulip based cards.  C'est la 
> vie.
> Anyway, I plan to add these cards to the Thinguin database next free 
> moment I get. 
> I hope this helps you.
> Marty
> P.S. Happy Holidays to all!
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