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Re: via-rhine

On 12/18/1999 12:00 AM wrote:
>> On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, jyllyj wrote:
>> we are using netboot-0.8.1 also.You need to have a packet driver for the
>> card.Usually it comes with the card you purchased.Then you can download
>> netboot and it should work. I know others in here are more expert than me.
>> I got all those from this list. 

>Packet drivers don't help for booting from an actual rom. Thanks anyway.
> ...

I thought that the beauty of the netboot package was that it used packet 
drivers so would work with a wider selection of cards.  Is it just this 
particular card that won't work, or is there a class of cards that 
netboot doesn't work with?

I use the etherboot package, mainly, but want to understand netbooting in 
general, which is why I am asking.  


"... Netboot and Etherboot have their strengths and weaknesses. Netboot 
supports a wider range of NICs because packet drivers are available for 
most cards. On the down side, Netboot is not autoprobing because the 
packet drivers require that the I/O address, IRQ and possibly the memory 
address be specified at ROM creation time. Thus a ROM is specific to a 
particular card configuration. ..."

What am I missing?


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