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Re: ram disk trouble

look at linux/init/main.c
 root_mountflags = real_root_mountflags;
 if (mount_initrd && ROOT_DEV != real_root_dev
  int error;
  int i, pid;

  pid = kernel_thread(do_linuxrc, "/linuxrc", SIGCHLD);
  if (pid>0)
   while (pid != wait(&i));
  if (MAJOR(real_root_dev) != RAMDISK_MAJOR
       || MINOR(real_root_dev) != 0) {
   error = change_root(real_root_dev,"/initrd");
   if (error)
    printk(KERN_ERR "Change root to /initrd: "
        "error %d\n",error);
in my case
ROOT_DEV == real_root_dev
so it does't exec   pid = kernel_thread(do_linuxrc, "/linuxrc", SIGCHLD);
how to?
i 'm screwing.
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From: Steve Linn <>
To: jyllyj <>
Sent: Friday, December 17, 1999 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: ram disk trouble

>   How far does it get?  What is the last thing that it says?
> I guess I could send you an image if you want to help figure
> out if it is the image or the boot rom.
> Steve

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