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Re: ram disk trouble

On 12/17/1999 5:41 AM jyllyj wrote:
>look at linux/init/main.c
> if (mount_initrd && ROOT_DEV != real_root_dev
>  pid = kernel_thread(do_linuxrc, "/linuxrc", SIGCHLD);
>in my case  ROOT_DEV == real_root_dev
>so it does't exec   pid = kernel_thread(do_linuxrc, "/linuxrc", SIGCHLD);
>why?  how to? i'm screwing.

This is somewhat of a guess, but try

  man rdev

It says: (in part)

       In a bootable image for the Linux kernel, there  are  sev-
       eral  pairs  of  bytes  which specify the root device, the
       video mode, the size of the RAM disk, and the swap device.
       These  pairs  of  bytes,  by  default, begin at offset 504
       (decimal) in the kernel image:

               498 Root flags
              (500 and 502 Reserved)
               504 RAM Disk Size
               506 VGA Mode
               508 Root Device
              (510 Boot Signature)

       rdev will change these values.

I get the feeling you need to run rdev on the kernel you are using to set 
the root device.  If you can explain a little more what you are trying to 
do, perhaps I/we can be more helpful. 



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