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Re: flashing award bios on Asus mes-n

> Everything looks good, except that when I boot, it ignores
> the eepro100 code and boots normally again.
> What is supposed to cause the eepro100 code to be executed?
> This is on an Asus MES-N NLX motherboard.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hm, it seems to me, that the ASUS-NLX boards dont  work that way :-( I
testet it with such a board too, but it didn't work.

May be we should set up a list of boards which work fine that way and
which not.

I set up a webpage (in english :-)) with the tools needed (awdflash,
cbrom) and the succeess (or not) story of some boards I tested:

Success with:


- gigabyte bxc6 (2Mbit Flashrom, enough space in flash, intel bx)
- yakumo (QDI P2MEX, intel ex, 1Mbit flash, but with some code
removed - OK)
- chaintech (6ESA2, intel ex, same like yakumo)

Socket 7:

- PCChips 585LMR (Via-Chipset, 100Mhz, Sound, Davicom 10/100Mbit, graphic
on board, 2Mbit Flash, enough space, but no etherboot driver for davicom
9102 chip, worked well with rtl8139)
- PCChips M577 (ALI-Chipset, 100Mhz, Sound on board)

Failed with:


- ASUS P2L-N (NLX, intel-lx, ATI graphic, sound on board, 2Mbit flash,
enough space)

Socket 7:

- older yakumo (Y586VX, intel vx, 1Mbit flash)

Mail me yout experiences and I can add them to the list to get a more
detailed picture of this operation.

So long,

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