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Re: flashing award bios on Asus mes-n

Dirk von Suchodoletz wrote:

> > Everything looks good, except that when I boot, it ignores
> > the eepro100 code and boots normally again.
> >
> > What is supposed to cause the eepro100 code to be executed?
> >
> > This is on an Asus MES-N NLX motherboard.
> >
> > Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Hm, it seems to me, that the ASUS-NLX boards dont  work that way :-( I
> testet it with such a board too, but it didn't work.

Hello,  Bad News

It is told that AWARD has a compiling switch . Only if this is set  included
ROM Extensions will be recognuized.
They also told that the new cbrom will produce a message if this switch is not
set.  On my runs of cbrom  there is
no  errormessage or warning  about this.  So at the moment I don't know what
eeactly happens.
They  told  me  we  need a  updated  BIOS  version with  this  switch set  so
the patches will be recognized.
 Where to get something like this.?  What is  It sreems these
people make the  software foe  Award..
This will true for all new AWARD Bios I think.

Greetings  Wolfgang

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