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Etherboot 4.2.11 released

I have released Etherboot 4.2.11 at

Changes in 4.2.11:

+ Fix bug in bootp extension file handling introduced in 4.2.10.

+ Macronix 98715 (Tulip clone) supported now with Nick Lopez's changes.

+ Small change to 3c90x.c to compile under FreeBSD.

MD5 sums:

da27eac3d81f0630bca53b4f1617db0e  etherboot-4.2.11.tar.bz2
9fe7c9a689dfbb7f90b7afa453922598  etherboot-4.2.11.tar.gz
ee47005c74e30dacc9d75bdb070642a4  patch-4.2.11
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