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Re: Using a Bootrom image from the command line?


On Sun, 01 Jun 2003 03:36:26 +0200, Harald Milz wrote:
> I've got a PXE capable boot rom for a RTL8139 card
> but currently no way to flash it into the card (being a cheap one with a
> socket but no flash).

If your 8139 card contains a bootrom socket, it is suitable for
installing a Flash EPROM if the socket provides space for 32 pins.
In that case, just install a 29F010 Flash EPROM, and then use netboot
to program the Flash EPROM. Since version 0.9.8, netboot comes with
a Flash EPROM programming utility, which does support 8139 chips
among others. However, be sure to not use any 28Fxx Flash EPROM chips
as those require a 12 volt programming voltage, which is not provided
by the 8139 chipset.

> If that works, I'd be looking for a AMD PCnet bootrom with a full PXE
> stack... any pointer?

Again, use netboot, because the netboot bootrom contains a full PXE
API implementation. And it works with the AMD PCnet chipset since
version 0.9.8 (there was a bug in earlier netboot bootrom versions
which was triggered by some code in the AMD packet driver, but this
problem has been resolved since version 0.9.8).

Anyway, I still don't see a reason for using PXE boot images for booting


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