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Re: Check list to implement Netboot


On Sun, 01 Jun 2003 03:14:35 +0200, francis wrote:
> 1) I have 50 client computers and One Linux server. My server is 850 mhz
> Duron. 512MB. Can this specification meet the basic server requirement to
> set up for 50 clients.

No problem... if you want to use the server for providing boot
services alone, you should be fine using an old 486... ;-))
> 2) What network speed is recommend ?

This is much more important than the server performance. But for
50 client systems, a 100 mbit/s TP network should be more than
sufficient for the boot process. The network speed should depend
more on the type of applications you are going to run on the

> 3) What Ram is required for Server ?

Minimum I would say 16 MB - if you don't want to run a graphical
user interface, which is IMHO not suitable for a server anyway.

> 4) What Ram is required for the client ?

Depends on what operating system and applications you want to run
on your clients.

> 5) Any useful website ? like
> "Netboot how to" available ?

Not yet. Take a look at for some
information. If someone wants to write any howto please feel free
to do so. I would be happy to include any pointers into the
netboot home page.


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