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Using a Bootrom image from the command line?

In addition to what I was asking before (loading pxelinux.0 from whatever),
does anybody have a DOS tool to load a raw bootrom image e.g. during
DOS config.sys? I've got a PXE capable boot rom for a RTL8139 card but
currently no way to flash it into the card (being a cheap one with a
socket but no flash). Realtek offers a PXE boot rom for free download with
and without the full PXE stack. The one with the PXE stack should do what I
want. Now how do I load it from a floppy? Writing a small DOS tool which
loads the image, jumps to its entry point after "55AA" and making it
resident is not a problem but maybe somebody did that before. 


If that works, I'd be looking for a AMD PCnet bootrom with a full PXE
stack... any pointer? 

Or, ultimately, does somebody know how to patch PXE into a VMware virtual

The goal is to do automated Linux installs within VMware guests. 

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