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Re: Website request (anti-spam)

Hello, (Crispin Murphy) wrote in">
> Could the mailinglist archives please include anti-spam?

I will see what I can do about that.

> I note that many other mailinglist archives are replacing the @ sign 
> with '_at_'. See 
> for an 
> alternative presentation.

Well, it could easily be done to search the archive with _at_ instead
of @ in order to gather email addresses. Therefore, I don't see a real
advantage. I think, the only thing to do about spam is to publish the
email address in the form of a small graphic because it would be too
difficult to parse those. But this would be very difficult to implement
into a text based mailing list archive.
> I think we could all use a little less spam....

I'm personally using a perl script called junkfilter with quite some


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