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Re: Protocol Manager: Invalid function

Hello, (Gero Kuhlmann) wrote in 
>> Protocol Manager: Invalid function
> Obviously your NDIS driver tries to call a protocol manager function
> which isn't implemented in the netboot protocol manager (the bootrom
> contains it's own protocol manager for space reasons). I will try to
> get your NDIS driver and find out what function is missing.

I hopefully solved the problem with this error message: it's not a bug
in the netboot NDIS interface but in the Xircom NDIS driver. It does
not report it's upper layer interface correctly to the bootrom. Actually,
there is just one byte wrong in the Xircom driver image, which is at
offset 0x05A0 of cbendis.exe and reads 0x00 but should read 0x01. You can 
use a binary editor to change this byte, and then it should work. However, 
I wrote a workaround for netboot, which will appear in the next release.

Please note that I'm unable to test this myself due to missing hardware.


Gero Kuhlmann, gkminix, Germany
Tollenbrink 18, 30659 Hannover   
Groote Gracht 33, 26723 Emden    
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