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Re: Fwd: Problems with Xircom Ethernet II

Hello, (Heinrich Rebehn) wrote in">
> I'm afraid not. It will not work, because there is nothing that 
initializes the 
> card bus, thus the pcacket driver cannot access the Xircom card.

I've now disassembled the Xircom NDIS driver, and it looks like this
driver has some CardBus support for some (popular I guess) CardBus
chips, so it might not need to have a special CardBus driver loaded
before. I suppose that it's the same with the Xircom packet driver,
but I'm not sure. Also, I don't have a PCMCIA-enabled system nor a
Xircom network card so all this information above is from just looking
at the disassembled source. However, it should be quite easy to find
out: start your system with plain MS-DOS, load the network driver
and check if it starts up correctly, possibly using some sort of
DOS networking software (which you can find on any Simtel mirror).

In addition, netboot now allows running a program before starting the
network driver, so you can install a CardBus driver before installing
the network driver. This feature requires version 0.9.4 or later of


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