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Re: Protocol Manager: Invalid function

Hello, (Matthias Meyer) wrote in"> 
> Because I have no success with the packet-driver for my PCMCIA
> Xircom-nic I try the NDIS-Driver.
> After makerom (installed from netboot-0.9.1-87.rpm) I boot my laptop
> from this floppy.
> following appears:
> -----------------------------------------------
> Netboot disk loader
> Netboot V0.9, Copyright (C) 1995-2000 G. Kuhlmann
> Xircom CardBus Ethernet 10/100 Adapter NDIS v3.14 (010129)
> Copyrigth (C) Xircom, Inc. 1996-2000 All rights reserved.
> Memory Address CC000, IRQ 11, Node Address 0010A4051111
> Protocol Manager: Invalid function

I've got similar reports from others with different NDIS drivers, so
there seems to be a bug here. I'm on it, and will try to find a fix
with the next netboot version. However, since the NDIS interface works
with the drivers I use, please get in contact with me if you want to
try out some debugging code.

Thanks in advance, gero.

Gero Kuhlmann, gkminix, Germany
Tollenbrink 18, 30659 Hannover   
Groote Gracht 33, 26723 Emden    
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