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Re: netboot 0.9.3 intel pro/100 (# 80) fails..

Please, look at :


Michael Stein wrote:">
/......./netboot/bootrom/netdrvr/pktdrvr/packet.S  (not setup.S).

Do you mean add the one line:

setmd5: mov ah,#SET_RCV_MODE
stc <<<--- added
call callpkt
jnc setmd9
je setmd9
Not exactly. My code is:
setmd5: mov     ah,#SET_RCV_MODE
setmd6:  .....
..... /var


Anything else at this tag.">

I'll try it, but I don't see how that will help as I'm not getting any
error message nor any packets being sent. This change to the code is
in the part which sets receive mode. I'd guess it's possible that if
setting receive mode fails then netboot just dies or loops. But I would
expect that netboot would either issue some error message about a failure
or still send packets and then be unable to receive them">

Since I want to use a floppy to start a PXE boot I need 0.9.3 or else
I'd have to have support multiple ways to boot. New machines can boot
PXE right from their BIOS, this is to enable old machines to use the
same PXE server by being booted from a floppy.

A third case is to have a modified netboot which allows overriding the
TFTP server host manually to allow booting a machine from a server on
a different subnet without any boot "helpers". This part doesn't need
PXE support, but I'd rather have the latest netboot (or at least the
same netboot).

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