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Remote booting different partitions


I have a server with five different flavours of Linux on different 
partitions. Currently I'm using LILO to boot between them, and so I have to 
be there physically when it reboots. This of course involves a bit of 
walking, so I need to figure out a way to do it remotely before I get too 
much exercise :)

The netboot site says that it is possible to boot multiple operating 
systems, I assume this means I fill in "/dev/hda1/" in the "rp" section of 
the BOOTP file? What about the other options?

Assuming that I've gotten all that to work, is there a more elegant way of 
changing the bootptab file and getting the daemon to reload it? Other than 
using vi of course.

If anyone has done something similiar, or can point me in the correct 
direction (I've googled and found only diskless netboot hints), thanks in 


You can't grep dead trees.

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