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Re: Remote booting different partitions

Chor Teik Joon wrote:
> I have a server with five different flavours of Linux on different 
> partitions. Currently I'm using LILO to boot between them, and so I have 
> to be there physically when it reboots. This of course involves a bit of 
> walking, so I need to figure out a way to do it remotely before I get 
> too much exercise :)

I am not quite sure what diskless booting has to do with being able to boot 
different images from LILO; but if I understood your problem correctly, wouldn't 
something like this work:

   lilo -R debian && reboot

(Assuming, you have an image labeled "debian" in your lilo.conf file)


Markus Gutschke
3637 Fillmore Street #106
San Francisco, CA 94123-1600

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