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Re: netboot

In a nutshell:

1.  add the 'rp' tag to bootptab so that the kernel is passed a path to mount.

    (you need the nfs server packages installed)
2.  (on linux) share -t nfs -o norootsquash,rw /path/to/shared/rootfs (you'll have to read the man pages if this doesn't work, its off the top of my head)

The above path needs to point to a complete copy of the linux filesystem.  You can separately mount the /usr filesystem, but you can work that out later, (symlinking does not work because nfs just blindly passes the symlink to the client instead of following it)

3.  compile the kernel with the nfs-root option, and bootp enabled.  Bootp needs to be enabled to allow the option to be switched on - place the kernel in the tftp directory

Good luck


canaryhill wrote:">

I use netboot and successfully build the boot floppy and server.

I could not quite understand the paragraph written by Gero about
making initrd ramdisk or NFS. I particularly have been trying NFS but
got lost reading and following the manual.

Reading nfsroot.txt in documentation is not helping. Any more detail
documentation to help me create and mount NFS on server? Some steps of

Help will be appreciated.
Phil Davis replied:
kernel could not mount "/". At a guess you have not told the kernel to NFS mount
the root filesystem.

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