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Re: Remote booting different partitions

2002-03-24 17:50:14, Chor Teik Joon <> wrote:

>I have a server with five different flavours of Linux on different 
>partitions. Currently I'm using LILO to boot between them, and so I have to 
>be there physically when it reboots. This of course involves a bit of 
>walking, so I need to figure out a way to do it remotely before I get too 
>much exercise :)

Would like to test that configuration. Someone donate me a new harddisk, please :-)
I'm quite sure to remember lilo offers some possibility to select the next os to boot in
advance of shutdown. Would that do? Else make lilo read your serial line (what it
supports AFAIK) and go wiring to a admin-seat-reachable serial console.

/me after short reading of the fine man-page lilo(8) (21.7-5)
       -R command line
              This  option  sets the default command for the boot
              loader the next time it executes. The  boot  loader
              will then erase this line: this is a once-only com­
              mand. It is typically used in reboot scripts,  just
              before calling `shutdown -r'.

Sorry this has nothing to do with netboot, but a nice old telnet - or a more
fashionable ssh - will to the trick, I hope.

Anselm Martin Hoffmeister
Stockholm Projekt Computer-Service

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