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Re: New netboot version 0.9.1


On 1 Nov 2001 03:05:50 +0100, (Bob Edwards)
>I have hacked the code into the "BIOS" of this device, and can get it
>up to loading the kernel off the net. Alas, mknbi-linux relies on some
>BIOS calls that aren't implemented on the Neontech BIOS (in particular
>INT 16H and INT 15H - INT 10H appears to be sufficiently there to work).

INT 16h is the keyboard interrupt, and INT 15h is a general use interrupt
which is used by mknbi to handle extended memory above the 1MB boundary.

> I don't really have a good
>BIOS reference that lets me know exactly what these calls are supposed
>to return.

You might want to take a look into Ralf Brown's interrupt list. You can
find it on various places on the internet like simtel - just use a search
engine, since I don't have a URL handy yet. This is probably the most
comprehensive BIOS documentation for programmers you can find
anywhere, and it's free.


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