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Re: intel eepro100 flash

Jonathan Sturges wrote:
first for removing missunderstanding: boot image == bootrom image.
i have an intel nic with an i82558 chip and 64kB flash (maximum). an
i82559 based nic can contain up to 128kB flash. 
i have tested it with my i82558, it works. if there is an error, i can
disable booting from network by the bios and therefore i ever can
rewrite the flash. 


> Wow...
> how much flash is on those Intel NICs anyway?  And how big is your boot image?
> This sounds neat, but risky.  Is there a flash-recovery procedure for those
> cards?  Probably not, unless the flash device is socketed and could be backed-up
> in a device programmer prior to flashing the boot image in there.
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