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Re: New netboot version 0.9.1

Gero Kuhlmann wrote:
> Hello,
> today I've released version 0.9.1 of netboot. It contains a couple of
> bug fixes against version 0.9.0, but no new features. You can download
> it from the netboot home page
> gero.
> --

Thanks for your hard work on this, Gero.

I have been trying to port netboot/etherboot to an embedded 486 box
(sold in Australia as Ezenet TV, but actually a rebadged Neontech
NTV-1000 see ).

I have hacked the code into the "BIOS" of this device, and can get it
up to loading the kernel off the net. Alas, mknbi-linux relies on some
BIOS calls that aren't implemented on the Neontech BIOS (in particular
INT 16H and INT 15H - INT 10H appears to be sufficiently there to work).

Anyway, one option is to try and find some code for these INTs that I
can patch into my BIOS image. Another option is to put in some conditionals
into the "wrapper" code that gets added to the kernel image by mknbi-linux
that replaces the BIOS calls with actual code. I don't really have a good
BIOS reference that lets me know exactly what these calls are supposed
to return.

Any tips on which way to proceed would be much appreciated.


Bob Edwards.
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