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Booting from /dev/hd[eg] via etherboot 5.0.4


I'm trying to boot locally from /dev/hd[eg] on my Asus A7V133,
which carries a Promise PDC20268 as the 3rd and 4th IDE controller.

I "fixed" main.c the obvious way, but it doesn't work:
[diff fake]

#define loadkernel(s) download((s), downloadkernel)
static int loadkernel(const char *fname)
    if (!memcmp(fname,"/dev/",5) && fname[6] == 'd') {
        int dev, part = 0;
        if (fname[5] == 'f') {
            if ((dev = fname[7] - '0') < 0 || dev > 3)
                goto nodisk; }
        else if (fname[5] == 'h' || fname[5] == 's') {
-            if ((dev = 0x80 + fname[7] - 'a') < 0x80 || dev > 0x83)
+            if ((dev = 0x80 + fname[7] - 'a') < 0x80 || dev > 0x87)
                goto nodisk;
            if (fname[8]) {
                part = fname[8] - '0';
                if (fname[9])
                    part = 10*part + fname[9] - '0'; }
            /* bootdisk cannot cope with more than eight partitions */
            if (part < 0 || part > 8)
                goto nodisk; }
            goto nodisk;
    return download(fname, downloadkernel);

I tried with and without a partition nr as boot device, e.g.:
    option vendor-tag-196 "Local hde:::/dev/hde";
    option vendor-tag-197 "Local hdg:::/dev/hdg1";

But it throws an error, when selected:
read error (0X01) Unable to load file
Reading those devices from linux works as expected, and fdisk -l
shows a valid partition table.

Somebody else looked in this before?
Any proposals?


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