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Init hanging

Hi list,

I have sveral diskless linux machines booting from one server w/o problems. Until last week. Now, when i try to reboot any of these machines (I have tried 2 so far), the init program hangs after outputing its banner (init version 2.78 booting). I use kernel 2.2.19.
To debug this problem, i specified 'init=/bin/bash' as kernel parameter -> Boot hangs. Trying 'init=/bin/ash' (ash is much smaller) gives me a command prompt. I can use 'ls' but when i use 'ls -l' i only get 'total xx' and the the machine hangs.

This is very strange, especially because i did not change anything. The other machines are (still) running fine.

Has anyone already come accross this kind of hang?

Or could you give any hints on how to further debug this?


Heinrich Rebehn
                        "Have disk - will travel"
University of Bremen
Physics / Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Department of Telecommunications -

Phone : +49/421/218-4664
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