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Re: Init hanging wrote:
> I have sveral diskless linux machines booting from one server w/o problems. Until last week. Now, when i try to reboot any of these machines (I have tried 2 so far), the init program hangs after outputing its banner (init version 2.78 booting). I use kernel 2.2.19.
> To debug this problem, i specified 'init=/bin/bash' as kernel parameter -> Boot hangs. Trying 'init=/bin/ash' (ash is much smaller) gives me a command prompt. I can use 'ls' but when i use 'ls -l' i only get 'total xx' and the the machine hangs.

The reason could be a NFS server problem (possibly caused by a malfunctioning
switch or some such - check your half/full-duplex settings, and generally
DO NOT ever use "force full").  Try running a network sniffer on the NFS
server and filter for the client's IP.

The fact that a few NFS requests (indicated by the "init version ..." or
"total xx") make it over the line shows that there is no obvious
misconfigfiguration that prevents communication.

The arp cache is also a place to check, because it shows if the client's
ARP implementation is still working. A ping would also check if the ICMP
part of the IP stack is still alive, and so on...

Also some cards (my experience is that some tulip clones don't really work
with the current drivers when the machine was just powered on) cease to work
after a small number of packets, without notice in the logs.


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