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semi off-topic: tftp successful but unable to mount root fs

Hi there,

I set up a DHCP server and a boot server which also exports the root fs. 
The client boots the image, unwraps it and whoops:

Looking up port of RPC 10003/2 on
RPC: sendmsg returned error 101
Root-NFS: unable to get nfsd port number from server, using default

Root-NFS: server returned error -101 while mouting ... network unreachable is the server which provides the image and the root fs. I've 
sniffed the traffic and there's nothing happening from the client's side 
after the image has been transfered !

Digging through the internet I've seen a similar posting w/ error 13. 
Somebody suggested to look in the kernels' errno.h

101 means that something wrong w/ the network... I can't find the 
problem -- any help appreciated !


btw. the root fs can be mounted from any client in the network. There 
shouldn't be a permission problem. I'm using RedHat on the boot server 
( and also on the diskless client. kernel is 2.4.10 ...

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