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memtest-2.7 netbooting

Hi Eric,

I finally managed to get memtest86-2.5 booting from the network, thanks to 
your stuff on It's one
of some long term concerns, I had. Many thanks. Capeau.

One slight glitch I hit, if someone's using it as 3rd network boot menue 
entry, which is triggered normally with key c. Because the keyboard buffer in 
memtest isn't cleared on start, the configuration menu pops up. Annoying... 
This isn't a call to fix it! I thing, I could fix it myself, but for now, I 
simply don't use it as the 3rd entry ;-)

Then I tried to model a patch according to your 2.5.eb4 for 2.7.eb3, because 
there are issues with 2.5 on amd cpu's, but the resulting image is ways to 
large (140k) and system reboots when loaded. Did you looked into this
issue yet?

Maybe there is a simple way with a mknbi module for the job, but it seems
nobody has worked out/made public such a beast until now.

Hopefully yours,
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