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Re: LNE100TX v4.0

On 7/13/2000 1:32 AM Jim McQuillan wrote:
>Has anybody been able to use the new Linksys LNE100TX v4.0
>cards with Etherboot?
>I've got a bunch of the new Linksys cards, and they definately
>are different from the v2.0 cards.
>The Vendor ID is 0x1317, the Device ID is 0x0985
>I went to Donald Becker's tulip page and found his driver
>supports a card with this vendor and device ID. It says
>that it is an 'ADMtek Centaur-P'
>I added the ID's to the NIC, pci.h and tulip.c files.
>I booted from a floppy, and it finds the card,
>but shows a MAC address of:
>  10:80:00:80:00:80
>I'm pretty sure that is NOT a good sign.
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I haven't seen this card.  If you tell me where I can get one, or are 
willing to send me one, I can probably make a the Etherboot tulip driver 
support it.

Usually the things that need to be modified in the code to support new 
cards are the MAC address retrieval code and the initialization sequence 
for programming the chip.  If there is a Linux driver for this card, 
usually it is possible to extract these bits of information from the 
Linux code.  If not, it's back to the data sheets for the card.  If this 
card uses an MII, then life might be a little more complicated, and we 
might have to finally integrate the hairy MII code from the Linux driver 
into the Etherboot driver.  I also need to figure out why some FA310X 
Netgear cards seem to have problems with the Etherboot driver (I think 
it's a timing issue with faster CPUs in that case).

So, let me know where I can get one of those Linksys v4.0 cards...



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