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how to... join Etherboot with my IPX bootrom?


the problem is:
- I have ethernet cards which can use 16kB eprom-s only
- etherboot alone needs 0x230c bytes (4.6.0 for 3c509)
- my IPX bootrom needs 0x08e0 + driver, which is 0x1512
and sum of all sizes is 0x40fe; plus need some selection
program... size is too big, need find a way to reduce it.

I suppose there are two possibilities:
- build rom image containing all necessary code without
  compression (these sizes are after compression), then
  compress entire image - maybe it can help
- share driver code between Etherboot and my IPX boot:
  my IPX boot uses Crynwr packet driver, can Etherboot
  use it, or must I use Netboot instead?

What are suggestions to start work on the problem?

Jerzy Tarasiuk
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