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Re: LNE100TX v4.0

On 7/16/2000 3:34 PM Marty Connor wrote:
>I'll put something fancier on the 
>Thinguin site when I get a moment ...

OK, I got a moment. :-)
The patch is on the site in the "News and New 
Releases" section.  This should work better than the pasted version from 
my last message (my email program likes to reformat pasted txt to make 
patch fumble :-).  

Save the link to a file in raw/binary/source format, and apply to an 
Etherboot 4.6.3 dist with:

  $ cd etherboot-4.6.3
  $ patch -p1 < /tmp/admdiffs.txt

build with:

  $ cd src
  $ make clean

generate a rom with:

  $ make bin32/admtek0985.lzrom
  $ make bin32/admtek0985.lzfd0

That should do it.



P.S.  Yow! Are we having fun yet? :-)

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